The Top 10 Features and Benefits of Using LE SAE 90 ALMASOL® #607 Heavy Duty Gear Oil:


  1. LONGER GEAR LIFE - from using the finest, selected high VI paraffinic base oils, a robust additive treatment, a special metal adhesion additive and ALMASOL®.
  2. REDUCED FRICTION AND OPERATING TEMPERATURES - are achieved with ALMASOL®. Users often observe a drop in differential operating temperatures from 10 to 50 deg F. and more. ALMASOL® reduces friction and can withstand contact temperatures up to 1900 deg F. Less frictional drag also means less energy required to operate the equipment.
  3. NON-FOAMING IN ACTION - because a potent antifoaming additive is used and breaks up entrapped air bubbles, operating temperatures are kept low.
  4. REDUCED WEAR - is realized because a microscopic layer of ALMASOL® creates a film on contacting metal surfaces, thus preventing destructive metal-to-metal contact.
5. CLINGABILITY - is achieved with these lubricants because of the excellent cohesive qualities and the ability to cling tenaciously to metal surfaces.
6. EXTENDED DRAIN INTERVALS - friction reduction, oxidation resistance and cooler operation prolong effective oil life to provide extended drain intervals.
7. OXIDATION RESISTANCE - is assured by the natural high oxidation resistance of the selected paraffinic base oils coupled with oxidation inhibitors.
8. SEPARATES READELY FROM WATER - to provide effective lubrication when moisture is present. Ordinarily gear oils will emulsify and foam, causing increased frictional heat and poor lubrication
9. SEALS - does not affect seals
10. IN SERVICE - it will not drain off quickly like ordinary oils.
1. Drain oil presently in the differential as completely as possible while the truck is still warm. This also helps remove contaminants and oxidized oil which can impair performance of LE gear lubricants. If contaminated oil remains in the differential, foaming can occur.
2. Do not use a volatile, chlorinated solvent or solvent-type flushing compound to wash out the differential. Any solvent trapped in the voids of the reservoir will cause corrosion. Also the presence of even a very little amount of solvent-type flushing compound will reduce the viscosity of a gear oil. Further, without a coating of oil for even a short time, rusting of internal parts of the differential can take place.
3. To properly flush the differential, use a light viscosity turbine oil or non-detergent engine oil (SAE 10 or 20). Jack up your truck (no-load condition) and run in gear for 15 minutes and drain. Note that some units can be so badly oxidized that physical removal from the inner surfaces may be required.
4. If new gears are installed make sure that the new gears that come with a rust preventative are cleaned off. This insures that any rust preventative, debris, metal chips and core sand is removed before installation.